Here’s my process for developing a professional, persuasive, B2B software case study that you can use to engage your target audience.

1. Select a Client

If you have a client you’d like me to work with, excellent! If not, we can brainstorm together to pick a great candidate.

It works best if you reach out to the company’s contact and ask the person to participate. Let your contact know we’ll be conducting a 30-45 min. phone interview. Before we release the case study, the company will be able to make any changes they see fit. We won’t use the document without first obtaining their signoff.

If you prefer, I can contact your client.

2. Call with Your Team

We’ll schedule a call/Skype meeting to discuss your marketing goals for the case study, how you helped the client, and what ideas you want the document to focus on. Have specific questions you want me to ask the client? We’ll document those too.

3. Client Phone Interview

Phone call

Conducting an engaging phone interview is key to gathering useful feedback, relevant quotes, and actionable customer insights. This is an area I can really serve your business.

I’m skilled at getting people talking, and I ask questions that uncover honest feedback and even unknown results. I’ll translate your client’s experiences into a message that supports your sales and marketing efforts.

I will record the call and share an audio copy with you.

4. First Draft + Edits

Following the interview, you’ll receive a first draft–usually 3-4 pages–of the customer success story in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format. You’ll be able to review the document, add your comments, and suggest changes.

I’ll incorporate your feedback, make changes, and resubmit the case study. Once we have a finished, professional document that you’re excited about, I’ll send it to the client for approval.

5. Signoff

b2b marketing case study pdf

After your client and you have both approved the work, I’ll send you a final document and the audio file. It’s yours to use any way you’d like.

B2B Software Case Study Examples

To see some case study examples, click here.

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