B2B case study writer Todd Brehe

Case studies or “success stories” are an exceptionally effective content marketing tool that will help your software business build credibility with its target audience and demonstrate the specific ways you’ve made a difference for your clients.

They also:

  • Lessen the perceived risk of doing business with you
  • Showcase real results
  • Translate the features and capabilities of your application into operational efficiency, productivity, and/or revenue-generating/cost saving improvements that you want prospective clients to understand
  • Enable prospects to imagine themselves already using your solution.

What’s so Challenging about Writing a B2B Case Study?

After all, you have clients who are successfully using your application. You know they’ve realized measurable benefits. Many are willing to talk about their successes. And case studies prove you can deliver on your promises. What gives?

Success stories are challenging because they require a unique combination of skills to create, and they are just time consuming enough, that it’s easy to put them off. You understand they’re important, but you have a ton of other tasks to finish. When will you carve out the time?

Benefits of Using a Consultant

By using an experienced consultant, you can accelerate the content development cycle. You can leverage the professional’s expertise to produce a better finished product. In many cases, your clients will share feedback with a third party that they wouldn’t tell your staff members.

B2B Case Study Examples

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B2B Case Study Process

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B2B Case Study Pricing

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