Is your SaaS business struggling to create persuasive, sales-generating blog articles, case studies and white papers?

B2B SaaS Writing Services-Todd Brehe

I can help! I offer B2B SaaS writing services to firms who are investing in content marketing, but not generating the results they want. Prospective clients aren’t finding them on the Web and they haven’t created a steady flow of leads.

Their sales teams need better materials to garner the interest of prospects and convert them to buyers. They want to position their companies as innovative and educational, but they’re time-strapped, finding it difficult to consistently produce high quality marketing communications.

B2B SaaS Writing Services That Generate Sales

I help SaaS companies understand their information needs of their target market, and the questions they want answers to. Even when the topics are technical, I’ll find a story to share that makes the content more interesting and impactful.

I take complex ideas and explain them in understandable ways. I use written language to get your audience excited about engaging with you, using your solutions, and making purchases.

Why Choose This B2B SaaS Freelance Writer?

I’m a professional salesman who’s spent 30+ years selling B2B software solutions and complex products in a variety of industries. I co-founded a B2B SaaS startup and contributed my sales and marketing skills to grow the business into a multi-million dollar company.

I’ve invested considerable time learning how to create and leverage marketing content for the purpose of driving sales.

Blogs, articles, and white papers offer ancillary benefits such as: ongoing communications with your target audience, brand building, and thought leadership. But if you’re going to invest time and money to create compelling content, I encourage you to answer these questions:

  • Will this content drive sales?
  • How?

I’ll invest time in learning about your company, its products, and your target market. I’m self-managing and don’t require hand-holding. I love contributing and helping. I’m a professional content creator who will also help solve problems and serve as a sounding board to test ideas.

Benefits of Using a B2B SaaS Freelance Writer

The benefits of using an experienced consultant include:

  • Accelerating your content development cycle
  • Leveraging his/her expertise to develop more persuasive content
  • Applying SEO strategies to boost search engine rankings and attract organic visitors.

Content Marketing Examples

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